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February 25, 2018

Brunch Wedding Photography – Jennifer & Jason

We can't wait to share with you our amazing love story. It has numerous thrilling moments captured by a professional wedding photographer Nora Hovard.

The majority of couples these days strive to walk away from a traditional wedding style. Jennifer and I also decided to follow this way. We have used our individual tastes, preferences, and creative ideas. We have planned to make it a brunch wedding and to celebrate it on Sunday. This could give us and our guests more time for celebration.

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Our wonderful wedding was photographed by Nora Hovard, an award-winning professional wedding photographer. We were lucky to have found her and her team. They were well-organized, very positive, and friendly. Everything ran smoothly and every guest could feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. It seemed like the entire process has been professionally planned beforehand.

Many thanks to Nora Hovard and her team! We and all our guests are extremely satisfied with our wedding album!

We highly recommend this photographer to everyone!

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